Characteristics Of A Good Website

good website

There is no one who understands the importance of a good website today. But how is it possible to have good websites? What is a good website design and how does it work. Your endeavor should be to design a site with new features with the best features for search engines and users. Below we are going to list 13 features of a good website so you can get the right site for you.

Importance of good site content:

It is recommended that your content and post like a good menu of professional chefs, make it accessible to the audience and on the site homepage. Keeping in mind this little tip helps your regular visitor to easily see which sections have recently been updated and are fast-paced.
Keep in mind that good site content should be optimized and up to date. It goes without saying that content is not just text, but also include audio, video, photos, posters, info-graphics, and other files.


good website


The appearance of good websites:

When someone comes to your site, the first thing that attracts their attention is the look of your site. There are very few people who only care about content and look after the content.
The site should have harmony in colors and captions and easy access to all content and graphics. Low contrast colors are recommended as background for the site. The presence of compact and attractive images can increase the visitor’s time on site and is of great importance in this regard. Your logo also represents your site. A site without a logo makes no sense because the site’s logo will be everywhere on your site and will always remember your site when a visitor sees your logo on another site. The logo designed for you should have a specific meaning once associated with the theme of your site.

good graphics on the site:

In general, having good graphics on the site is another good feature of a site. The site graphic should not use crowded colors. The background color should be in perfect contrast to the text color. It is better to use only 3 primary colors in site graphics.

You should also know that websites that are not well designed have problems such as:

Not Google Friendly

The high exit rate for users

Very short time users on the site

No users visiting different pages of the site

And so on…

good websites

Optimization and Good SEO :

The content of the site should be about a specific topic and be updated in a timely manner otherwise it will lose its customers. Don’t use deceptive SEO techniques!

We recommend that you use the three most popular golden SEO ways: Observe coding principles, publish useful content, and link exchange.

Avoid the following in site optimization:

Overuse of keywords
Broken links
Copy content
Duplicate content

Frontpage volume:

Today we are seeing a developing volume of website pages. As the nature of the substance gave builds, the normal volume of website pages expands every year. A great webpage should stack in under three seconds with rapid Internet 2. As time passes by, it will target guests who go to your website with the typical web, so great webpage configuration ought to be as straightforward and light as could be expected under the circumstances.

With respect to site designs, I wouldn’t suggest utilizing streak documents and massive illustrations. Likewise, explicit short expressions for items with low substance and value ought to be considered, permitting customers to acquire lucidity and illustrations by squeezing the menu button on them. Google likewise gives specific consideration to rapid locales. You can see the speed of your site from this connection.

You can check the size of your site using the free tools below:

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Good Websites Features:

What Features Should a Good Website Design Have? Overall news feeds, sitemaps, comments, online polls, podcasts, podcasts, sliders, weather or religious information, online games, searches, and other features allow audiences to spend more time interacting with the site. Also, keep in mind that the ad is as intuitive as possible.

A good domain:

Of course, a good domain is the best way to remember. It goes without saying that a site in its domain is remembered by the user, remembering its site address. Also, an important topic in SEO is the relevance of the URL to the content. You can find no reference to the number and have a subjective relation to the content. Try choosing a plain text-domain. Also, the name you choose should not have a plurality in pronunciation.

Keep in mind when choosing a good domain:

  • Your domain name must be able to be marketed and somehow have the ability to branding.
  • If your products are for sale in Canada, use the .ca domain.
  • If you have international products and services use the .com domain.

a good website design

Communicating with users:

This is one of the principles of the second generation Web, or Web 2.0, interacting with and respecting the user. Valuing users’ comments and displaying them across different sections of the site, responding to and following up on audience requests, turning members into a virtual community, and many more seen on the new generation of good websites. Ask about a site or other topic and write a post based on the same survey and overall review.

Customer Information Privacy: Protecting the privacy of users is very important in today’s world of the web. Try to convince him you will not misuse this information.

Responsive Design

(Mobile & Tablet Compatibility ) :

Keep in mind that smartphones and tablets have a large share of web traffic. Currently, 70% of the work is done within an hour through mobile sites.